What is the minimum order quantity for processing customization and how is the proofing fee calculated?

A: The minimum order quantity is subject to business communication and negotiation. The proofing fee is usually more expensive than the bulk product, because it is impossible to call the material supplier to cut a small piece when the material is loaded, and the CNC wire cutting programming is impossible. Production is so convenient.

Why do some manufacturers offer higher prices than others?

A: Each factory has its own operating mode. Although the machining equipment is very similar, the workmanship and responsibility are very different. The cost performance cannot be determined solely by price or scale. Any product that departs from quality and service is one Hammer trading will not last long. We only make the best products, receive each customer with the fastest speed and best service, and make each customer our long-term customer.

What is the cooperation process?


① Customers provide drawings (format: CAD, PDF, STP) or samples. The following information on the drawing is clear: processing quantity, material, accuracy tolerance, surface treatment and special requirements. The Division can make appropriate modifications or designs to the drawings according to customer needs. .

② Quotation time (given within 5 minutes at the fastest, 24 hours at the slowest, except in special cases), after receiving the drawing or sample, we must reply to the customer.


Negotiate with customers and promise to do their best to provide lower prices. But price is not the only factor in our service. Quality, delivery, after-sales and service attitude are equally important.


① Equipment guarantee: we are a physical factory, fully equipped, including lathes, milling machines, grinders, drilling machines, wire cutting (fast, slow), CNC (turning, milling), precision carving machines, etc.

②Quality inspection staff: there is a special person to perform related inspection on the parts

③Service team: arrange professional person in charge to follow up


① Production time: follow-up by follow-up staff, if the delivery date changes, communicate with customers 2 days in advance;

②Logistics delivery: Due to the heavy weight of mechanical products, the delivery method needs to be negotiated by both parties. Generally, the delivery of small products is mainly based on express delivery, and the delivery of logistics or auto transportation for larger or heavy products is also expected to be understood by buyers. , Specific consensus.

After sale

After the customer receives the product, if the product does not meet the requirements, we first analyze the problem first. If it is an error in our processing, we will arrange a redo or a full refund as soon as possible. If it is caused by an incorrect buyer's drawing If the product is scrapped, it will be discussed separately. Any problem can be resolved satisfactorily through communication and negotiation until you are satisfied.